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Лаборатория AVK

— the device intended for revealing of potentially dangerous objects in footwear Device operating is based on application of multizonal wideband tomography technology with application of neural network and optimizing algorithms of processing the information and the inverse problem solving for search inhomogeneity and abnormal areas in inspected objects.

Threats of terrorist attacks and unlawful interference remain. Moreover, nowadays new ways to carry them out are being conceived. Recently, incidents with using self-made liquid explosives have become more frequent.

Liquid Explosive Detection System LQtest 2.8 product line line is represented by the devices for non-invasive detection of flammable and explosive liquids. These devices are already widely used for security maintenance. Liquid Explosive Detection System LQtest 2.8 devices successfully performed in Russian airports. Along with positive reports from Ministry of Transport, this allowed ICAO to address its participating countries with a recommendation to introduce LQtest into the inspection practice of airport aviation security services.

Device testing in certain departments of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs confirmed the efficiency of LQtest for civil safety and transport security maintenance.

Russian National Antiterrorist Committee evaluated LQtest’s technical parameters and performance as highly positive, and acknowledged the advisability of its use in antiterrorist actions.

AVK Lab has been founded with support of IPMB and IFTI.


Vladimir Putin visited the All-Russian Institute of Professional Development of Ministry of Interior affairs

where he got acquainted with new technologies, such as the protection of public transportation. One of the main activities of the institute is countering the terrorist threat. more


Europe to ease restrictions on carry-on baggage

Since the 2006 terrorist plot to detonate liquid explosives on aircraft bound for the USA; the amount of liquids allowed in carry-on baggage has been restricted to 100ml per passenger. more


Since the 11th of January Russian airports are restricted passengers to take bottles with liquids on a board of aircraft.

The restrictions mentioned above are taken in order of protection for a period of XXII Olympic games and XI Paralympic games 2014 in Sochi. more