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Лаборатория AVK

Footwear scanner RATIOPLATFORM
(preflight inspection modification)

Ratio – the device intended for revealing of potentially dangerous objects in footwear


Device operating is based on application of multizonal wideband tomography technology with application of neural network and optimizing algorithms of processing the information and the inverse problem solving for search inhomogeneity and abnormal areas in inspected objects (fig. 1, 2).

Fig. 1. View of device with connection to the notebook

Fig. 2. Footwear placement example

Passenger rises on Ratio’s marked areas. The device makes necessary measurements within 1-2 seconds and finds out (at their presence) stranger inclusions in footwear, including metal subjects (fig. 3.).

Fig. 3. Inspection procedure

Fig. 3. Inspection procedure

Indication (dangerous/safe object) is available on the device and is duplicated on the monitor.

The technology realized in the device, allows to find out any dangerous inclusions (both metal, and nonmetallic, including explosives, weapons, etc.) - fig. 4, 5.

Fig. 4. Metallic knife

Fig. 5. Ceramic knife

Inclusions can be directly built in a sole or enclosed in footwear - fig. 6.

Fig. 6. Dangerous inclusion in heel example

Fig. 6. Dangerous inclusion in heel example

Device successfully passed tests in The State Scientifically Research Institute of Civil Aviation and in Airport Sheremetyevo, practical approbation at Airport Vnukovo (Moscow). Certificate of Conformance № ROSS RU.ML04.Н00751.