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Лаборатория AVK

About AVK Lab

Innovative technologies become reality at the moment when they are most desperately needed. One problem of permanent importance, ever demanding for new solutions and new opportunities, is security maintenance. The security problem has become so vital and daily that we are barely aware of passing the security gate, putting a bag on the introscope belt, or being observed by a surveillance camera.

All the more, we don’t keep in mind that all those technical solutions are a result of a long and complex way leading from a scientific concept to production run equipment. An idea to implement the electrofield tomography principle and mathematical solutions for reverse problem in a technology for liquid hazard detection allowed AVK Lab to develop the LQtest device and introduce it to the market.

LQtest is unique: it allows detecting explosive and flammable liquids without a direct contact with liquid medium; it is simple and safe to use; efficient for mass screening of liquids. Currently AVK Lab conducts a series of researches and technological advancements with an expected result of creating the LQtest+ product line.

AVK Lab is supported by Innovation Projects Managing Bureau, LLC.

Moscow Office: +7 (495) 564-88-72